Board of Directors


Dr. Ali Jassim M.J. Al-Thani  -  Chairman of the Board

Nationality: Qatari

Date Of Birth:1960

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Economy from the University of Portland, held numerous leadership positions in Qatar investment Authority, and is currently working as First Adviser in Strategies and Direct investment at Qatar investment Authority. 


Dr. Alsedieg Nasr Alshaibi

Title : Vice Chairman of the Board

Nationality : Libyan

Date of birth : 1969

Obtained a PhD in industrial Economics and Organizations, from Sweden, Malardalen University in 2008. Held several management positions, which included General Manager of Development Bank from 2006-2008. A member of the Sahel and Sahara Bank, and Waha Bank Boards in Tripoli,  during the period of 2010-2012. Currently and since 2013 works as Financial Officer, and adviser to the department of Financial Institutions and Cooperation, in addition to his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Credit Rating and Financial consulting company/private sector.


Mr. Saleh Ramadan Eledrrisi

Title : Board Member

Nationality : Libyan

Date of Birth : 1944

Obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, United States, in 1974.  Held several managerial positions in academic and banking institutions locally and internationally, which included Deputy Director General of the United Nation’s National Institute of Administration, and several board memberships in international companies and banks. The latest was a member of the Board of Directors of the Sahel Commercial Bank Bamako/Mali. Held several leadership positions with Libyan Foreign Bank, which included Director of Contribution Department and Managing Director of international Finance. In addition, worked as an advisor at the Elsaray Bank for Trade and investment/Tripoli.


Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Elamari

Title: Board Member

Nationality: Libyan

Date of Birth:1971

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Statistics from the University of Tripoli in 1994, held several positions at the Central Bank of Libya, including Vice President of Financial Audit, as well as Manager of the Deputy Governor's Office since 2008 to date.


Mr. Khaled Ali Samie

Title: Board Member

Nationality: Libyan

Date of Birth:1963

Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Tripoli in 1985, worked in many entities, including  Arabic Geophysical Exploration services company as a Data Analyst, And in the Tropical Bank (Uganda) as Manager  of the Computer Department. He headed the project of automatic settlement and clearing of the National Payments System project at the Central Bank of Libya. He also worked in the Information Technology Department of the Libyan Foreign Bank for several years.He is currently hold the position of Deputy Project Manager in the bank.


MR. Abdulrahman Saad TH  M  Al-Qahtani

Title: Board Member

Nationality : Qatari

Date of Birth : 1980

Obtained a Bachelor of Finance and Banking, from the University of Applied Sciences in Jordan in 2009, worked several jobs, most recently as  Head of Investment Accounting  In QIA.


MR. Nasser Mohammed Abdullah ​

Title: Board Member

Nationality : Qatari

Date of Birth :1967

He received a Diploma in Commerce from the Institute of Commerce in 1988. He has 28 years of experience in various departments at Al Rayyan Bank, where he held many positions, from branch manager to head of customer service branches, most recently General Manager for HR & Administration ,to date.


MR. Mohammed Khalifa Al-Jalahmeh

Title: Board Member

Nationality : Qatari

Date of Birth : 1978


holds an MBA from HEC-PARIS & Chemicals Engineering. He also holds a number of Certificates, including in the field of leadership and finance  at Harvard University, and asset assessment from the London Business School .He is currently Assistant Director of Commodities Department at Qatar Investment Authority.