Child Saving Account


Nuran Bank know the importance of our children and that they are the future. And to ensure that the start is correct and have a strong foundation, the Nuran Bank offers an easy and trustworthy method to save money for your child, to lay the groundwork for his future and teach him how to deal with banks and savings at an early age.


  • • Provides a simple and effective means for the future of your child.
  • • Withdraw and deposit by written request, when you want from the branch during business hours.
  • • Deal with the account according to Shariah principles .
  • • The ability to transfer money directly from account to account (guardian or custodian ) of the child through the system.

Documents required to open an account:

  • • ID (Identity card or passport) for the child.
  • • Proof of guardianship.
  • • A personal request to open child's account .
  • • 2 personal photographs .
  • • National number certified by civil register .

Procedures for opening an account :

When you visit our nearest branch, you will have to fill an application form, provide your original signature and submit your authentication and documentation that’s required.