Corporate Banking


Corporate and financial institution banking group  team at  Nuran Bank offers a large package of services and products compatible with the provisions of the Islamic Shariah law, which is a successful substitute to those provided by traditional banking, and that, which accommodate all business sizes for companies and institutions and meet the need and desire of customers.
 Nuran ( NUB ) Bank seeks to provide the best banking services to its customers by preserving the type and quality of services provided in accordance with marketing methods, institutional  philosophy, and contemporary banking culture, that meets the arising aspiration, desire and taste of  customers and their renewable needs as per results of surveys conducted constantly using mathematical and statistical measurement tools of the degree of customer satisfaction.


Our services are targeting a key economic, commercial and industrial sectors activities in the Libyan market for companies and financial institutions, conducted by qualified professionals in the areas of companies and institutions financing related to the following areas:-


  • • Public sectors services

Banking services submitted to governmental, semi-governmental institutions and public sector organizations in the country, thus covering a variety in of public sectors.

  • • Oil and gas companies .

The Bank provides a wide variety of corporate financing and Islamic services targeting exploratory, extraction, production, purchasing, procurement and logistics support companies. Marking, oil & gas distribution, oil & gas refinery and trade companies “multi-national companies” Also provide financial facilities, financial and strategic consulting advice to enable their future business development.

 • Real estate and Contracting services .

The Bank provides a variety group of banking services for real estate and real estate development projects, as well as engineering management contracts in both public and private targeting a certain real estate and construction segment.


  • • Industrial and trade companies services .

Considering that Libya imports more than 90% of its needs from the external market. We had to cover the needs of this large segment in the market by fast and distinct banking services, at the same time provide manufacturing industries with working capital financing and expenditure capital services.


  • • Financing of small and medium-sized companies (SME) .

The Bank provides a comprehensive range of banking services to facilitate the work of small and medium-sized businesses through the provision of trade financing and working capital financing to support this important segment in the Libyan market.


  • • Financial institutions service

We aim to find a correspondents network in all over the world that have arrangements with external correspondents banks and communications with many banks, and mainly responsible for establishing a new relationship as well as marking bank’s products and services in the international market.


  • • Joint funding and structural and project finance

 Nuran Bank seeks to contribute to joint funding and contract deals with local banks and foreign banks, offers solutions in innovative structural financing to satisfy financial requirements and also focuses on participating and offering in large strategic Islamic transactions through various sector, including:

  • • Airlines, air freight.

  • • Oil and gas, petrochemicals, minerals and pipelines.

  • • Financial institutions.

  • • Telecommunication.

  • • Mergers and acquisitions.

  • • Energy, water and utilities.

  • • Industries, infrastructure, cement and real estate.


  • • International corporate liquidity management services .

Liquidity Global Management services shall cover global cash management services for companies and creditors and liquidity through modern channels like swift system, or corporate banking services system through the Internet