Our Values



      The  vision is ‘to be  the first  world-class Libyan  bank


      To drive efficiency in everything we do

Corporate Values

       Our  values  focus  on building  enduring partnerships grounded in  a level of trust that

       is inspired by our principles  and transparency:

  • Build Enduring Partnerships

We aim to build partnerships with all our stakeholders including employees, customers, businesses, suppliers, shareholders -these relationships are the foundation of our business but we will never compromise on our principles or our transparency as these are what make these relationships  durable.

  • Champion Transparency

We will conduct our work with open transparency and honesty towards those with whom we deal. We strive to champion  transparency  and clarity  so that our customers and  the wider  Libyan  community  can benefit from the openness that we will inspire.

  • Stand By Our Principles

We  will  stand by our principles -those  beliefs that are important to our employees, our customers, our shareholders will be upheld across the bank -we will stand by our principles in all we do.