Privacy Statement


Personal information

You can visit the website of  Nuran Bank without disclosing your identity or submit any personal information. However, we or our partners sometimes need to get information about you. You can give us personal information, such as name, address or e-mail that might be necessary for communication between us to address a request or to provide you with membership. It is our responsibility to keep you informed on how we use this information before receiving it from you through the Internet. This information will be provided through the link "Privacy"  when personal information is collected. And when you don't want us to use this information as a reference to communicate with you, we shall be pleased to implement and respect all your wishes.


Security and quality of information

From the standpoint of ensuring the safety and security of your personal information, we implement appropriate technical and organisational measures such as the use of encrypted codes to send credit card numbers, to help us keep your information secure, accurate, current and complete.

We do our best to meet your requirements in a contemporary way in order to correct errors that may be contained in your personal information and to correct errors, please send us a message containing those errors with details of the required corrections.


Child information

Nuran Bank does not have any website directed to children, however, we are committed to compliance with laws and regulations,


Privacy technology

Modern techniques provide you greater control over your personal information. It also helps organizations to manage and direct their privacy policies and practices. Nuran, as a Bank as a supplier of information technology  actively supports the development of privacy technologies to contribute to the achievement of those objectives and to help to build greater confidence and reliability in the method of dealing with personal information. The available e-services offer you protection for your privacy during Web site surfing.


Business relationships

Nuran Bank website contains links with other website s. Nuran Bank is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.