Visa Classic


Nuran Bank realizes the importance of getting easy access to your money at any time, both domestically and internationally.

Nuran Bank  debit cards offer the convenience of ATM card for use wherever there is ATM or POS containing VISA logo or through websites that accept Visa cards. All transactions are automatically deducted from your current account with Nuran Bank and such deductions appear on your account statement.

You can also enquire about your balance or print a mini account statement, check your account balance and ATM transactions at any time. It can't get easier than this!


Security :

  • Nuran Bank is committed to provide you with the highest level of security.
  • Our cards come with latest security chips that make information stored on your debit card is more secure and confidential, and hard to use for fraud.


  • Transaction amount via ATMs is debited directly and automatically from your current account.
  • Monthly account statement will list all transactions made using a card, including the name of the point of sale / ATM name and transaction date and amount.

Acceptance worldwide :

  • You can use the card from any ATM/POS that contain Visa logo. This includes over 850,000 ATM machine and 13 million points of sale throughout the world.

Eligibility for the card :

  • The customer must at least be 18 years old.
  • Libya citizen or foreigner with a residence visa.
  • Must have a current account or saving account with the Bank of  Nuran.

Documents required for Visa Card :

  • Identity card (identity card and passport )
  • 2 photographs passport size.
  • Certified National number .