Shariah Board

Dr. Abdul Sattar Abu-Ghudda – Chairman of the Shariah Board

Dr.  Abu-Ghudda is a well-known scholar in Islamic Shariah, and prominent figure in Islamic financing, and Banking. He is one of the oldest contemporary scholars present in the Islamic banking field, and the most busier in this area, and the broader in work not just in the Gulf states or Eastern, but also Western.

He chairs a number of fatwa and Shariah Boards and an executive member  in many bodies similar to Islamic banks and financial institutions in the world, including notably of Al-Baraka Group in KSA, the Central Bank of Bahrain,  Dubai Financial Market, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank –in UAE..

He also has a prominent presence in Islamic forums, counselling and Fiqh such as the Islamic Fiqh Academy –in Jeddah, the AAOIFI –in Bahrain, the Zakat International Shariah Board –in Kuwait, and Minhaj Company for Shariah counselling. He wrote a number of valuable researches and literature, such as the Kuwait Fiqh Encyclopedia. He made a numerous investigation and review of manuscripts as well as his long experience in teaching.

Dr. Abu-Ghudda obtained his bachelors of Shariah & law from Damascus University in 1964, his Masters in Hadith Sciences from Al-Azhar University in 1967 and his PHD in Islamic Shariah from Al-Azhar University in 1975.


Dr. Mohamed Ezaldeen Al Ghiryani – Vice-Chairman of the Shariah Board

Dr.  Al Ghiryani is a prominent scholar in Islamic shariah and well known across Libya for his immense knowledge in knowledgeable and practical Islamic Jurisprudence. He worked in the Fatwa Committee at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Libya, and currently seats as a member of the Academic Thesis Committee at the Tripoli-based Islamic Call Association, an associate member of the Maliki Jurisprudence Project in Dubai (Islamic Banking Unit) as well as a member at the Teaching Board of Libyan Universities, Islamic fiqh and its roots. This is in addition to his valuable writing and investigations in Islamic Fiqh.

Dr. Al Ghiryani obtained bachelors in Islamic studies from Tripoli University, his Masters in Jurisprudence Comparative Law (Comparative Fiqah) from the same University, and then his PHD in Transactions Jurisprudence from Al Qur'an Al Karim University in Sudan.


Shiekh Abdul Sattar Ali Al-Qattan - member of the Sharia Supervisory Board

Sheikh/ Abdul-Sattar Al-Qatan- is a prominent expert in Islamic finance and Islamic banking, combining theoretical and applied science in the Islamic banking engineering. He has a clear presence on the Shariah Boards of many Islamic financial institutions in different countries; such as Kuwait Finance House in Kuwait,  Islamic Finance House in  Abu Dhabi, and Al-Baraka Syrian Bank. His works include different areas some are investments such as Ayan for Trade and Investment, others Takaful, such as Kuwait Company for Insurance. He also offers shariah consulting alongside his work in the supervisory bodies; such as supervision of Shoura company for shariah consulting, In addition, he seats in a number of authoritative Shariah councils such as Jeddah-based Islamic Fiqh Academy, the Bahrain-based Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), and the Dubai-based International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation & Arbitration (IICRA) in Dubai, and others.

He received his bachelors in Shariah from Imam Mohamed Ben Saud Islamic University, KSA in 1992 and Advance Diploma in Comparative Islamic fiqh  from Kuwait University, in 2002


Dr. Faraj Ali Abdullah Jwan - Board Member

Dr. Faraj is a well-established shariah scholar and one of the well-known players in the Islamic banking in Libya. He recently was the Chairman of the Supervisory Shariah Board at Eljmaah Elarabi Bank He was the Dean of the Faculty of Shariah & Law, and Head of Islamic Economics Department at the University of Al-Asmariya. He worked as a member of the Scientific Committee at the same university, and head of Shariah & Law section in the University. He currently works as an instructor in Transactions Fiqh at the Post-Graduate Section in Shariah Faculty, and member in many tasks. He also has a prominent presence in manuscript investigations, such as his review of "Al-Ifsah An Ma'ni Al-Sihah", by Ibn Hubair (2nd Edition), and "Sharh Al-Kabir Ala Mukhtasar Khalil", by Bahram (1st, Edition) and others.

Dr. Faraj obtained his bachelors in Arabic language and Islamic studies from the University of Al-Asmariya in 1993, his masters in Islamic studies from the same university and then  his PHD in Islamic Jurisprudence from the University of Beirut.