Shariah Board

Dr. Mohamed Ezaldeen Al Ghiryani – Chairman of the Shariah Board

Dr.  Al Ghiryani is a prominent scholar in Islamic shariah and well known across Libya for his immense knowledge in knowledgeable and practical Islamic Jurisprudence. He worked in the Fatwa Committee at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Libya, and currently seats as a member of the Academic Thesis Committee at the Tripoli-based Islamic Call Association, an associate member of the Maliki Jurisprudence Project in Dubai (Islamic Banking Unit) as well as a member at the Teaching Board of Libyan Universities, Islamic fiqh and its roots. This is in addition to his valuable writing and investigations in Islamic Fiqh.

Dr. Al Ghiryani obtained bachelors in Islamic studies from Tripoli University, his Masters in Jurisprudence Comparative Law (Comparative Fiqah) from the same University, and then his PHD in Transactions Jurisprudence from Al Qur'an Al Karim University in Sudan.


Dr. Ali Soliman Mohamed  - Member of the Shariah Board




Dr. Othman Ibrahim Ali - Member of the Shariah Board