Current Account


Islamic Saving Account .

It is a good (Hassan) Loan upon demand for the Bank and the loan contract provisions apply for it such as guarantee by the Bank, and return of the same. It does not participate in the profits of the investment, nor bear the risk.


It was especially designed to meet the requirements of daily banking needs of our clients. This account holders can enjoy deposit and withdrawal services, sending and receiving money during the Bank working hours. The account can be in a local currency (dinar) or foreign currencies (EUR, USD, GBP).



  • • Balance is under the client's disposal at any time.
  • • The possibility to carry out all types of  banking transactions.
  • • Ability to request Visa debit card on the current account which enables the customer to complete cash transactions and payment transactions both domestically and internationally.
  • • Implementing standing orders services quickly and simply.


Documents required to open an account:

  • • ID card or passport
  • • Letter from employer requesting an opening of an account.
  • • 2 personal photographs .
  • • National number certified by civil register.